American Petro-Hunter Notes Arrival of Completion Rig at #1 Lutters Well

American Petro-Hunter, Inc.

American Petro-Hunter has been informed by the operator of the Poston Prospect, S & W Oil & Gas, LLC of Wichita, that the #1 Lutters Well service rig arrived yesterday June 8th in order to begin the completion process at the oil well.

The program will involve the installation of rods and tubing following the perforation of the oil pay zones. The Company anticipates that commercial production at the #1 Lutters Oil Well at the Poston Prospect will begin on June 15th. The oil tank battery and separator equipment is scheduled to be delivered and set in place this week as surface construction nears completion. A permanent connection to local electric power is also planned during this upcoming week. Current arrangements and information provided by the operator indicate that their proposed production schedule is currently on-track and should readily facilitate the planned commencement of oil extraction on or near June 15th.

As announced previously, an oil purchase contract has been executed with N.C.R.A. (National Co-op Refinery Assoc.) of McPherson, Kansas to purchase all production at the Lutters lease.