Stable's Engineering Division Unleashes 'The Beast' to Enhance Rentals

Stable Oilfield Services

Stable Oilfield Services is on target to secure an increase in turnover in excess of £3million for the rentals division over the next 12 months following the introduction of a new tool to the rental fleet.

'The BEAST' is the latest tool to join the family of custom built, in-house designed tools fit for the riggers of the North Sea's demanding drilling operations.

Stable Engineering and Design Ltd (SED), part of oilfield products business Stable Oilfield Services, has reported a 100% take up by industry of the new dual stage hole opener tooling range which is designed for the rapidly-expanding bottom hole assembly market. Bottom hole assembly is the term for components involved in the lower end of the drill string.

The latest in a series of product launches by the division since it was established in December 2007, The Beast has seen Stable secure a burgeoning order book for the second quarter of 2009 following the success of the first manufacturing run of 36" heavy duty dual stage tool.

The range has been specially designed using software which incorporates finite element and computational fluid dynamics analysis; thereby optimising hydraulic performance and tool stability. The design itself incorporates asymmetric cone placement and cutter layout to ensure minimal tracking which is the primary cause of tool bounce and inefficient cuttings removal.

This robust tool is uniquely manufactured with up to 70% less welding work, significantly reducing turnaround time and minimizing the risk of any mechanical failure. Its durability, combined with the ease of service on the rig floor, ensures failsafe performance in arduous North Sea applications and ensures the holes being drilled remain the required size and shape, as well as improving section performance and casing running times.

The first applications of the technology was carried out in conjunction with two major drilling operators in the UK sector of the North Sea, in the central and West of Shetland fields.

Stable Oilfield Services technical director, Dave Rodman, said, "Through correct application we were able to demonstrate the growing capability of our newly formed engineering division to come up with robust, fit for purpose tools in order to tackle the sometime overwhelming problems of vibration, bounce, torque, and balling, which has plagued the drilling of these wells in the past, showing that well specific engineered solutions have real benefits.

"By taking an engineered approach, the tool's integral design and heightened safety performance make it unlike anything else currently available on the market and a key example of how we are adding real value for our customers."

SED is currently working on the prototype for a Ream On Demand (ROD) range of under-reamer tools, which is expected to have a similar impact on the increasing demands of extended reach drilling wells.

"This prototype tool will enhance drilling performance and deliver a rig-serviceable dynamic tool, particularly for wellbore enlargement, vibration mitigation, hole cleaning and drill-string issues," added Rodman.

"At the same time it will be robust enough to be run anywhere in the bottom hole assembly and in any design, being one of the only truly multi-activated reamers that doesn’t require pump-down times for activation/deactivation, as no ball nor dart required so application below steerable motor can also be achieved."

Aberdeen-based Stable Oilfield Services specialises in the rental, manufacture and supply of drilling equipment around the world from bases in Norway, Libya, Canada and Singapore. It is an emerging leader in the rapidly expanding bottom hole assembly market and currently employs over 120 people.