ffA to Release Latest Stratigraphic Analysis Software under Linux

Foster Findlay Associates Ltd.

ffA, a world leading provider of 3D seismic analysis software and services to the oil and gas industry, is releasing SEA 3D Pro 2009.1 (June 12, 2009), the latest version of its desktop 3D Seismic Analysis and Volume Interpretation software on the Linux platform.

The new version offers Linux users an extended range of interactive analysis capabilities including the recently released GPU enabled Interactive Seismic Facies Classification module, extensions to the Company's industry leading Frequency Decomposition, multi-attribute Colour and Opacity Blending and Iso-Proportional Slicing functionality.

In addition to these innovative and industry leading 3D image analysis capabilities, SEA 3D Pro also incorporates an interactive link with Landmark's GeoProbe 3D Volume Interpretation software, providing GeoProbe users with an exceptionally powerful range of stratigraphic and structural analysis workflows, directly integrated within their current 3D interpretation platform.

Agnes Campan, ffA Sales and Marketing Director said, "The new analysis capabilities available through SEA 3D Pro 2009 provide a significant step forward in what can be achieved in analysing and understanding even the most challenging stratigraphic and structural environments whilst significantly increasing the productivity and accuracy of the G&G interpretation cycle."

"ffA recognizes that many of our clients are deploying Linux as their preferred platform for geotechnical applications and ffA is committed to provide a fully synchronized product suite offering across Linux and Windows platforms in 2009."