National Oilwell Supplies Drilling Package for Santa Fe Newbuilds

National-Oilwell, Inc. today announced that it has received an order from Santa Fe International Corporation for completely integrated drilling systems on two new high performance jackup rigs. The order has an aggregate value of between $35 and $40 million.

Each of these rigs will include fully integrated National Oilwell drilling equipment and controls, including three 2200 horsepower mud pumps, drawworks, derrick, automated pipe handling, top drive, cranes, SCR system, drilling control cabin and control systems.

Pete Miller, president and COO of National Oilwell, stated "We are extremely pleased to be participating with Santa Fe in the construction of these state-of-the-art jackup rigs. Benefits of a fully integrated drilling system include increased drilling efficiency, reliability and safety, and National Oilwell is unique in its ability to manufacture and deliver these systems. We believe our ongoing commitment to on-time delivery and the provision of quality products were key factors in Santa Fe's decision."