Ford Spoleti Holdings Changes Name to Eagle Oil Holding Co, Inc.

Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc.

Ford Spoleti Holdings has completed the change of its name to Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. via the merger of its new Eagle Oil Holding Company into Ford Spoleti Holdings, Inc. The Company will announce its new trading symbol as soon as it is assigned by FINRA. Until such time, the Company's common stock will trade under its current symbol.

Commenting on the name change, Company President Brian Wilmot stated, "The changing of our name to Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. to reflect our new oil business is just the first step in establishing Eagle Oil as a successful oil and energy venture."

Eagle Oil currently has four oil wells in production and its oil field contains more than an additional 100 wells which are available to be reconditioned and brought back online. Engineering reports show that Eagle Oil's field contains over 12,000,000 barrels of recoverable oil, valuing the recoverable oil at over $820 million at current market prices of $68 a barrel.