StatoilHydro Gets Go-Ahead for Major Modification on Troll B

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

StatoilHydro has received consent to conduct a major modification on Troll B. Consent is for carrying out of the Troll B gas injection project.

The project entails injection of gas in the southern part of the Troll Vest Gas Province (TVGP).

The project consists of two gas injection wells in the south-western flank of TVGP, seabed gas pipeline as well as a signal cable and associated flexible risers.

A new riser balcony and a few minor modifications on the facility Troll B are also part of the Project. The purpose of the project is to compensate for a water influx from the south.

According to StatoilHydro the result from the project is an extended life span for wells in the area, with subsequent increased oil production and recovery rate.

The following main activities are planned to be carried out on board the facility:

  • Clearing and preparing of offshore site.
  • Shipping and transportation of riser balcony.
  • Lifting of riser balcony.
  • Fabrication of riser balcony.
  • New crane.
  • Connection work and completion.
  • Testing and commissioning.

In addition, the following will be carried out:

  • rock dumping,
  • laying of 12" pipes,
  • installation of two well structures.

Installation work on Troll B will be carried out while the facility is in normal operation. According to the plan, the modification work will be completed by the end of 2010.