Generon IGS Delivers Nitrogen Package System for Offshore FPSO

Generon(R) IGS

GENERON® IGS, an affiliate of Innovative Gas Systems, will deliver a 6000 Series Nitrogen Package System to provide cargo blanketing, line purging and inerting applications for an FPSO located off the coast of Equatorial Guinea. The system is designed to produce 16,200 SCFH with a minimum Nitrogen purity of 95%. The system is certified to meet ABS standards and will replace an IGG which failed during operations of the vessel.

GENERON® IGS was selected as the supplier of this custom designed system due to being a recognized leader in the Oil and Gas industry for packaged on-site Nitrogen Generators. In addition, Generon was able to respond to the rapid need of Nitrogen onboard the FPSO and was able to deliver in a short period of time reducing overall downtime. GENERON® IGS has supplied hundreds of Nitrogen units worldwide for various applications in the Oil and Gas, Marine and Industrial Markets.

The GENERON® IGS Cabinet 6000 series is a stand-alone system that can be skid mounted and uses GENERON® IGS membrane technology to provide an uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen with purities from 95 - 99.5%. The GENERON IGS custom designed Nitrogen systems create efficiencies by overcoming the inconvenience and expense of onboard stored liquid, gas cylinders or the use of a corrosive Inert Gas Systems. Nitrogen is generated on site, requiring only a supply of compressed air. With flow and purity adjustable at the push of a button, a GENERON® IGS Nitrogen production unit allows operators full control of their own Nitrogen supply.