Lighthouse Petroleum Creates New Advisory Board for Wyoming O&G Devts

Lighthouse Petroleum, Inc.

Lighthouse Petroleum announced to shareholders that LHPT Management has authorized the creation of an advisory board created solely for the purpose of assisting management with further developing its existing acreage within the Wind River Basin as well as assist in the identification and screening process of the A&D process that LHPT is aggressively pursuing within both the Permian and Williston Basins.

Lighthouse Petroleum Management states, "We are in urgent need of seasoned oil and gas veterans that have extensive experience in the specific areas of geology and petroleum engineering to further develop our existing drilling prospect within the Wind River Basin, and to assist our management in its quest for growth via M&A activity. Lighthouse is about to embark on a two well drilling program with its fellow working interest partners, which includes Force Energy, and having access to our own oil and gas experts will ensure that LHPT's interests are well represented during this process."

LHPT Management further states, "We have interviewed several candidates and intend on making our final decisions within the next three weeks. The LHPT Oil & Gas Advisory Board will consist of three members with different areas of expertise that will greatly assist us in our efforts to potentially build further value within our organization."

Lighthouse Petroleum will announce the new advisory board members in the following weeks and will update its corporate website to properly reflect the expertise that will be needed to further bring value to its already existing oil and gas portfolio.