AnTech's CTD Services Take Center Stage at SPE/ICOTA 2009

AnTech Ltd.

AnTech Ltd, a specialist engineering design and manufacturing company serving the international upstream oil and gas industries, reported that despite the global downturn, interest in its coiled tubing drilling capabilities and equipment was at an all time high at the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition 2009 in Houston.

Positive CTD Results Trigger Interest

Operators were keen to hear about AnTech's successful field tests carried out last year. Of particular interest was an onshore well that AnTech drilled with its COLT bottom hole assembly for CTD in the Antrim shales of Michigan, USA on behalf of an independent service company.

The results were impressive, and drilling engineers from major operating companies were eager to learn more about how AnTech achieved them. The primary aim was to produce shale gas. This was accomplished by drilling a well with a hole diameter of 4 3/8 in. to a measured depth of 5,090 ft, and true vertical depth of 1,750 ft. A total distance of 1,186 ft. was drilled, which commenced at 3,858 ft and stopped at 5,037 ft. At all times, real-time data while drilling was delivered to surface, providing engineers with the ability to accurately monitor position and conditions to control the direction. During the operation, AnTech used a series of drilling fluids which proved to be effective: initially brine, then 20% Nitrogen followed by 40% Nitrogen. This has been built on in further operations where the tool has been successfully tested with an air foam mix.

The key to AnTech's success lay in the thorough design work and preparation carried out. With its compact size, the COLT was easily deployed. Its unique Orienter and wireline connectivity made it possible to drill underbalanced with great precision in this gaseous environment.

CTD Offers an Alternative in Economic Downturn

The current economic climate is driving companies to re-think the way in which operations are carried out. With the prospect of reducing costs and increasing well productivity, CTD offers a solution. With specialist teams and a new generation of technology, operators recognize that the AnTech service provides them with a real differentiator.

Ramping Up to Meet Demand

AnTech management met with several major operators while attending ICoTA to discuss potential drilling operations. In preparation, AnTech is gearing up operations. "By drawing upon the team's experience and outstanding product design, we have achieved impressive results with the COLT. Our customers recognize that our solution offers real value," said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech. "News of our success has travelled quickly. As a result, we are in live negotiations with several key operators. To ensure that we will be ready to mobilize rapidly, we're ramping up our business and working hard on other CTD products to meet specific customer needs. It's 'all systems go' at AnTech," he added.