2H Offshore to Verify Riser Installation at ATP's Telemark Field

2H Offshore

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has been awarded the contract to verify the design, fabrication and installation of a flexible production riser on ATP Oil & Gas Corporation's Telemark field located in Atwater Valley Block 63, Gulf of Mexico. The high pressure (12,500psi) oil flexible catenary riser will be tied back to ATP's Titan (MinDoc) floating platform, setting new standards for the Gulf of Mexico in 1,357m (4,450ft) water depth.

Pete Padelopoulos, Principal Engineer for 2H commented, "Our extensive track record in the design and verification of flexible risers and our existing involvement as CVA on ATP's Mirage deepwater development will help ensure regulatory requirements are achieved and implemented."

The primary objective of the project is to ensure that the oil flexible catenary riser will fulfill its purpose in accordance with industry codes and standards.