StatoilHydro to Shut Down Snohvit for 80 Days


StatoilHydro confirmed Wednesday that the company will shut down its Snohvit liquified natural gas (LNG) complex for an estimated 80 days from mid-August for scheduled repairs that were announced in February, Reuters reports. The Snohvit LNG complex is Europe's sole export facility for liquified natural gas.

The first gas field in the icy waters of the Barents Sea, Snohvit has faced difficulties since its late start-up in 2007; however, the operator intends to prevent further outages with these upcoming improvements.

"This turnaround will be the last major turnaround due to start-up problems -- the last major stop for a couple of years," StatoilHydro spokesman Geir Gjervan told Reuters.

Specifically, Statoilhydro and its partners plan to increase the plant's capacity and, according to Gjervan, "There may be some minor repairs, as we had in May, when we inspected Snohvit's seawater heater exchanger."