American Energy Resources Hits 'Sweet Spot,' Finds New Oil Reserve

American Energy Resources

American Energy Resources has discovered a secondary significant oil reserve in Lane County, Kansas. The oil well, known as Doyle's Dome #7, is an offset well to the Doyle's Dome #1 well, which was drilled in August 2008. Doyle's Dome #1 had an initial production rate of 282 barrels per day, while Doyle's Dome #7 is also expected to exceed 200 barrels a day.

"This is the second largest well American Energy Resources has ever drilled," said Don Allen, president and founder of American Energy Resources. "Our use of 3D seismic mapping technology allows the company to hit 'sweet spots' with multiple pay zones. We have high expectations for this well, and estimate it will produce oil for the next 25 years, if not longer."

3D seismic technology is an innovation that has been used in Kansas for the past decade. The purpose of this mapping is to pinpoint oil reservoirs in high structural features or domes. The process can be expensive but the payoff is well worth it due to the thoroughness of the data collected. This technology drastically increases the number of successful wells that can be found.