Chevron to Launch Pilot Steam Flood Project Onshore PNZ

A senior company executive from Chevron Corp. confirmed Tuesday that the company will launch a pilot steam flood project at the Wafra field, located in the partitioned neutral zone (PNZ) between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, reports Zawya Dow Jones.

Speaking on the sidelines at an industry conference in Abu Dhabi, Guy Hollingsworth, President for Europe, Eurasia and Middle East E&P, said that Chevron's facilities for the enhanced oil recovery project are in place, with steam injections to commence in the PNZ in July. 

"We'll then move into the next phase, which is what kind of recovery we'll get," Hollingsworth told Zawya Dow Jones. "If it proves successful, it could have an impact on reserves around the world."

Currently producing an estimated 550,000 barrels a day between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the Wafra field will benefit from the three-year steam flood project by boosting output of heavy crude from the PNZ's onshore area, the report said.