Wood Group Boosts Ultra-Deepwater GOM Services with New Skid Unit

Wood Group Logging Services has added another 30/30 skid unit to its line of deepwater logging units. The deepwater skid unit has the capability of servicing open-hole and cased-hole wells with depths greater than 35,000 feet and pressure of up to 30,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

"The 30/30 unit supports work at some of the highest pressures and temperatures met today," said John-Paul Jones, president of Wood Group Logging Services. "The ability to have the unit on standby on the drilling vessel or platform is especially beneficial when the drill string gets stuck. Stuck pipe costs the industry millions of dollars. Accessing an onboard 30/30 skid unit can save operators the expense of long mobilizations and minimizes lost rig time."

The skid unit includes zero-discharge technology, which protects the environment, a quick-change drum package, including over 40,000 feet of single conductor line, and a visual fire safe system. The skid unit also features proven industry tools that have been adapted to respond to greater depths. The function of the string shot has been enhanced to withstand 30,000 pounds of pressure within a well.