Oilennium, Weatherford Partner on Global Risk Management Program

Oilennium, a leading provider of training programs for the international oil and gas industry, announced the global rollout of a multilingual Risk Management training program developed for Weatherford International Ltd's Drilling Hazard Mitigation Business Unit (DHM BU).

While working offshore may be hazardous, when compared with other industries it is considered to be one of the safest. Why? Because the oil and gas industry has established health and safety standards that require that safety management systems be implemented and monitored to maintain a safe work environment.

One of the primary reasons that the work environment -- both on and offshore -- operates at such high levels of safety is the industry's dedication to risk management. Risk assessment ensures that every precaution is taken before beginning a job to ensure that is safe to proceed. Legislation around the world strives to make certain that every precaution within reason is taken to protect the workforce from harm.

This is where Weatherford's new Risk Management program comes in: it is designed to ensure that every employee a) understands why work must be planned, and b) that every effort must be taken to eliminate or reduce risk.

Progressive Learning

The new program offers an overview of Essential Risk Management (ERM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM). Its primary objectives are to introduce the learner to the principles of risk, and the tools to manage risk.

Available in English and Spanish, the programme is comprised of six modules. It begins with an explanation of risk and how it can be measured. It then goes on to explain how risk is managed through administrative processes. Individual procedures are examined in detail to demonstrate where, when and how they should be used in the workplace. By the time the learner successfully completes the final module, he will understand the concept of risk, hazards and a risk matrix. He will also know how to evaluate risk and how levels of risk can be reduced.

Global Rollout Online

Initially developed by Oilennium in cooperation with the QHSE department of Weatherford's DHM BU, Weatherford has just rolled out the Risk Management program globally via Oilennium's online Learning Management System. Every Weatherford DHM employee can now log-in to undertake training relevant to their particular region, while managers monitor their individual progress.

Partnership Approach Key to Success

Weatherford's partnership with Oilennium has already generated results by providing readily accessible training to its DHM employees based in the United States.

"DHM employees over the last six years have benefited from meaningful and extremely effective risk management training," said Adrian Houlbrook, Global QHSE Manager for Weatherford DHM. "With the recent global rollout of the programme, every DHM employee around the world can take advantage of it using the Company intranet, with significant benefits in terms of efficient delivery, cost reduction by eliminating the need for classroom presentations, and ease of monitoring using the Learning Management System which makes it possible for supervisory staff to check progress."

"We selected Oilennium to develop and monitor the Risk Management program of study in recognition of their expertise and existing working relationship with Weatherford. The fact that Oilennium managed to provide us with this valuable resource for a modest investment means that it is very cost-effective, which is critical in this economic environment," added Houlbrook.

According to Oilennium, it was a tremendous achievement, "The Risk Management program was a massive undertaking, especially in view of the fact that it is a very important and involved subject. Only by working closely with Weatherford to develop their risk training requirements could we have achieved this global rollout so efficiently," said Kevin Keable, Managing Director of Oilennium. "The partnership approach we rely upon to develop training is a benchmark standard that ensures that we -- as developers -- create exactly what the client needs."

One Program, Many Uses

The course content was designed to be generic, and as such has received much wider use within Weatherford than originally envisaged. It is now a pre-requisite for other classroom courses, used as a component of induction training in some regions, and is included in the Weatherford Competency system for both technicians and engineers. It was even nominated for the prestigious Chairman's Award.

Looking ahead, the multilingual program is also being considered for use as a component of new hire inductions and for regional staff training.