Aurado Begins Drilling East Tegen-2 Well in Kazakhstan

Aurado Exploration has commenced drilling of the East Tegen-2 development well on the Company's Liman Block in western Kazakhstan. Aurado owns a 90% interest in the Liman Block.

The East Tegen-2 well is located approximately 400 metres from the East Tegen-1 well, which was the Company's first well on the Liman Block; East Tegen-1 was drilled to 564.8 metres and tested above expectations at over 600 barrels of oil per day from a 4.5 metre pay zone. East Tegen-2 will be drilled to a target depth of 550 metres with productive sandstone intervals expected at about 366 metres and at around 422 metres, within the Aptian sands. Anticipated drilling time is 18 to 24 days, with testing to immediately follow.

The East Tegen Field represents one of at least 56 prospects within the post-salt (shallow) section that have been identified within the Liman Block. The Resource Potential of the post-salt section of the Liman Block has been independently estimated by Sproule International Limited of Calgary, Canada, to be 708 million barrels of recoverable reserves.