ExxonMobil, Weatherford Team Up for Commercialization of Sand Control Tech

ExxonMobil has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Weatherford International Ltd. to develop and commercialize a new completion technology called MazeFloTM, designed to mitigate sand production risk in a broad range of applications.

Under terms of the agreement, Houston-based ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company and Weatherford will work together to commercialize ExxonMobil's patented sand control technology that utilizes multiple screens and compartment baffles to improve well reliability and longevity. The new technology is designed to selectively limit sand production from problematic intervals, while maintaining full production from others.

"Sand production continues to be an industry focus area due to the impact of unwanted sand on well integrity and production," said Stephen M. Cassiani, president of ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. "MazeFlo is an innovative and reliable sand control technology designed to mitigate sand production risk in clastic reservoirs. We are confident our collaboration with Weatherford will ensure both the manufacturing quality and the timely commercialization of our new technology."

The agreement with Weatherford covers design, engineering and manufacturing of prototype sand screens to address common industry challenges such as sand retention, mechanical integrity and quality control. MazeFlo is applicable in both onshore and offshore wells, and will complement ExxonMobil's broad suite of industry-leading completion technologies.