Togo to Start Receiving Natural Gas from Nigeria in Early 2010

The first delivery of gas to Togo will take place from the first quarter of next year. This was announced on Tuesday, May 25, by Jack Derickson, director-general of the West African Gas Pipeline Company.

"What remains is to complete works in Togo and Benin and everything would be operational at the beginning of 2010," he assured.

The pipeline project (PGAO) is a subregional project which will allow for the channeling of natural gas from Nigeria to Benin, Togo and Ghana. Costing $500 million, PGAO is one of the most important manufacturer/integrator projects which will ensure a lasting solution to energy problems in the subregion.

For several years, countries in the subregion have been facing serous shortages leading to significant and penalizing load shedding affecting both individuals and businesses.

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