Flow-Quip to Supply Control Valves for Trans-Panama Pipeline Upgrade

Tulsa-based Flow-Quip, Inc. was selected by Petroterminal de Panama, S.A. to supply two 24-inch, ANSI 600 ball-type flow control valves on the reverse flow and upgrade of the pipeline from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

The ball-type flow control valves are equipped with Flow-Quip's proprietary Servo Series Electrohydraulic control actuators. These powerful accurate Servo Series actuators power the 24-inch diameter flow control valves when pipeline pressure changes. They receive signals from the pipeline control system and quickly move each valve to a new position when required.

Crude oil flows up to a daily peak of 860,000 barrels a day. This reversal and upgrade will provide equally safe, efficient and economical transportation of petroleum from sources in the Caribbean to destinations on the Pacific coast of the U.S. and beyond.

The pipeline was originally constructed from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 1979 with foresight to allow for reverse flow from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Today it is under reverse flow construction from the Atlantic coast terminal located in the Laguna de Chiriqui in the province of Bocas del Toro, Panama to the West side of the Charco Azul Bay and East side of the Burica Peninsula in the province of Chiriqui, Panama.