OHM to Conduct CSEM Survey for Kraken Appraisal in UK North Sea

OHM Limited, a member of the Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping Group, is to conduct a CSEM survey in the UK sector of the North Sea that represents the first full commercial use of OHM's WISE technology. WISE (Well Integration with Seismic and Electromagnetics) uses available seismic and well data to underpin CSEM survey design enabling CSEM technology to be successfully applied in technically challenging areas.

The survey, on behalf of the Nautical Petroleum led group including Canamens Energy and Celtic Oil, is to assist in the appraisal of the Kraken Discovery in northern North Sea Block 9/2b. The survey follows-on from a successful pilot project undertaken by OHM on Kraken for the joint venture earlier this year. CSEM data acquired by OHM on the pilot project was integrated with the client's existing well and seismic data using OHM's advanced WISE workflows and determined that the resistive body associated with the discovery in well 9/2-1 extended significantly North and South of the well. The appraisal survey will now map the lateral extent of the discovery and help distinguish between competing geological hypotheses, which in turn will guide further appraisal drilling. The contract value is in excess of $1 million and the CSEM survey will be conducted by OHM's dedicated vessel OHM Leader in June 2009 with initial results expected in July 2009.

Richard Cooper, OHM's Group President, stated, "We are delighted that Nautical Petroleum and their partners have again chosen OHM for this important project. This type of CSEM survey using WISE technology, which is unique to the OHM Group, is particularly appropriate for appraisal projects and helps industry exploit the combined strengths of CSEM, surface seismic and well data."