Expro Snags Well Testing Services Gig for Lundin's Norwegian Operations

International oilfield service company Expro has been awarded a well testing services contract from Lundin Norway AS. The four-year deal is a significant contract for the Norwegian market and reconfirms Expro’s leading role in this market segment in Norway.

The contract will fully execute Expro’s well flow management capabilities, including tubing conveyed perforation, drill stem testing, surface well testing, memory gauges, subsea equipment and tubing supplies, together with fluid sampling services. It will involve exploration work throughout the Norwegian Continental Shelf, initially covering activity on two semi-submersible rigs, increasing as Lundin contract in other rigs.

The initial contract is expected to be completed in March 2013 and, if options are secured, the contract will run until March 2015. The overall contract reflects a substantial value to Expro, depending on Lundin future well test activity.

Abdallah Awara, director of Expro’s Europe / Former Soviet Union region, said, “We are pleased to be given this opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with Lundin, which is one of the emerging operator companies in Norway, with a high and increasing activity plan for years to come. The contract win is an excellent achievement for the Expro team who have consistently proved their position as the leading well test company in Norway, with a firm focus on delivering excellence to our customers.

“We look forward to working with Lundin to provide well test services for Norwegian operations and to further strengthening our relationship with them in the future.”