Palantir Solutions Hires Hoot for Houston Senior Management

Palantir Solutions has hired Chris "Hoot" Gibson from Merck & Co. as part of its growing operations in North America. The company provides economic and planning consultancy and software to the oil and gas community to provide improved transparency and rapid asset evaluation.

Jason Ambrose, MD, Palantir Solutions commented, "Chris's experience encompasses the blend of entrepreneurialism and senior level client liaison which Palantir Solutions currently needs in Houston. He is tasked with consolidating our success to date and growing the business in the region. Our global perspective on the energy sector is underpinned by region specific consulting and software resources in Houston, Calgary, London, Aberdeen, Singapore and Bangalore."

Gibson brings 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries prior to specializing in the energy sector. He reports directly to managing director, Jason Ambrose, who co-founded Palantir Solutions and is spearheading the company's aggressive global expansion program.

Chris Gibson added, "Palantir Solutions has an impressive track record of providing consulting and software to leaders in the energy sector. Its global reach with local expertise reflects the profile of its customers and unsurprisingly the call for its services is strong in Texas and the broader North American region."