ANP Ratifies Petrobras' Plans for 5 Pre-Salt Blocks, Rejects Extension

Petrobras has informed that the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP) ratified the previous decision of its Exploration Superintendence, that approved the terms for the Appraisal Plans for blocks BM-S-8, BM-S-9, BM-S-10, BM-S-11 and BM-S-21, but rejected an extension term. This decision, however, does not affect the scheduled activities for the region.

As mentioned by a Press Release dated May, 14, the company's Strategic Plan considered the completion of all commitments Petrobras took on with the ANP within terms already defined, ratified now by the ANP decision.

Finally, we reiterate that considering the approvals that have already been granted and the facts known thus far, Petrobras believes there is no risk of having to return the concession areas, that it will fulfill the obligations it took on, and that there will be no impact on its Strategic Plan.