Wavefront's Powerwave Tech Expands from Convincing Injection Results

Wavefront, a world leader in providing innovative solutions for increasing oil field production and enhancing the treatment of contaminated groundwater announced that a six-fold increase in water injection rate resulting from the use of Powerwave, has prompted a Central Texas client to expand the program for its oil field.

Prior to Powerwave implementation the client reported a water injection rate of 40 barrels of water per day at 1000 psi injection pressure. After implementing a Powerwave program the client reported a water injection rate of 240 barrels of water per day at 800 psi injection pressure.

"This is a substantial response for a client that had not experienced injection rates of this magnitude and at much lower injection pressures at any time in the field's history," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. "The considerable performance improvement Powerwave brings to waterflooding in this region has other operators looking closely at how Powerwave can be used to maximize oil recovery in their fields."