EnerBrite Ups Existing Production, Seeks to Acquire Additional Oil Wells

EnerBrite Technologies Group, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Rebel Oil Company, has concluded that world oil demand will significantly increase in the future. This justifies the Company's fundamental business strategy of increasing production of its 76 existing oil wells and acquiring additional existing wells in the same geographic area.

Some fundamentals have been adjusted, but still hold true overall. The planet's population is expected to grow by 50 percent to nine billion by sometime in the middle of the century. They will be requiring housing and place new demands on energy consumption. The number of cars and trucks is projected to nearly double in 30 years to over two billion vehicles as developing nations rapidly modernize. And twice as many passenger jetliners, over 36,000, could be in the skies within the next 20 years.

These factors demand a lot more oil and natural gas with some predictions showing global oil consumption increasing as much as 35 percent by the year 2030. Overall, producers will somehow have to find and pump the equivalent of an additional 11 billion barrels of oil every year. And this demand is growing even now.

EnerBrite Technologies Group views itself as part of the solution and believes that its business model will help the United States to break the dependence on foreign oil. "We believe we can be part of the solution to our domestic energy needs while at the same time building value for our shareholders," said Jack L. Stapleton, President.