Balltec Unveils Next Generation of Big Ball Technology

Balltec has introduced the next generation of Mooring Connectors, Pipeline Recovery Tools and Lifting Tools:

  • PipeLOK™
  • LiftLOK™
  • MoorLOK™

So What's Different?

The next generation Mooring products have been specifically designed to eliminate three known areas of risk when attaching mooring connectors:

  • No risk of damage on misaligned insertion (stronger cages, shorter length)
  • No risk of damage during heave (no protrusions)
  • No risk of fall-out under zero load (patented fail-safe TripLOK™ locking mechanism)

In addition, the next generation technology permits much larger balls to be used across all of the families, resulting in significant improvements in strength, reduction in tool length, and considerably easier insertion over comparable products.

In measurable terms, on a "like-for-like" size basis, Balltec PipeLOK™ and LiftLOK™ connectors are approximately 50% stronger than previous generation technology products, with Balltec MoorLOK™ connectors approximately 35% stronger.