American Petro-Hunter to Turn on Taps at Lutters Well in Kansas

American Petro-Hunter reported that the #1 Lutters Well oil well on the Poston Prospect, Kansas has been logged and cased to depth. The suite of electronic logs showed intervals in the Mississippi Dolomite that have good porosity and appear to be the likely source of the oil and gas pay zones present in the tests. With all the testing finished, the #1 Lutters Well is to be completed as an oil well.

The casing requires a period of time for the cement to harden prior to perforating the oil pay zones. American Petro-Hunter is moving forward over the next two weeks towards building the pad site, installation of oil storage tanks and assembly of the requisite pumping equipment. It is anticipated that the well should be completed and that initial production pumping will commence in approximately three weeks.

Additional offset locations for further drilling are under discussion with the engineering team so as to fully exploit the potential of this new oil discovery.