Turkish, American Pipeline Cos Ink Joint Venture

Energy Maintenance Services Group I, LLC (EMS) has joined forces on a Joint Venture Agreement with Turkish-based VASTAS Company.

"EMS has strategically chosen Turkey as a pilot region," said EMS's Chief Executive Officer, Tim Nesler. He explained "…Turkey is geographically a prime location for providing our joint venture services throughout the Middle East, Western Asia and Eastern Europe."

Vastas CEO Nedim Ergin said, "Our partnership with EMS will enable the utilization of high technology in the petroleum and natural gas infrastructure throughout the Country." He continued, "Bringing specific integrity based services into the region and training our people on the importance of persevering and maintaining the Turkish infrastructure will be a huge step."

The signing took place on May 15 at the Vastaş offices in Istanbul, Turkey. Ayten Ergin, one of the Vastas executives said, "The partnership of EMS and Vastas will ensure the Joint Venture will become one of the largest producing and service based companies in the region."

The Joint Venture is in the process of finalizing details to establish a material and service supply network in the near future.
In accordance with the law no. 4646, it is stipulated that Botas is divided into three legal entities and that the two legal entities other than the distribution activity are to remain privatized until 2011.

Osman Yorgancıoglu, the EMS and Vastas representative in Turkey said "…the traffic of Natural Gas flow through Turkey is increasing; and, the deficiencies our infrastructure are being eliminated with the volume of pipeline construction and gas transfer from surrounding countries to the European Union. Timing is perfect for this Joint Venture."