OCS Wins Commissioning Work on Chinese DP3 Semisub Rig

Specialist project management and commissioning company Offshore Commissioning Solutions (OCS) was recently awarded a contract from Shanghai Waigaoquiao Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd. (SWS) to manage the commissioning of a new DP3 drilling semisubmersible in China.

Under the contract, OCS will supply technical support to SWS in the development of commissioning planning, management and execution.

"The interesting aspect of this contract is that OCS has also been tasked to assist in the training of the shipyard personnel who have had little experience in the area of DP drilling rigs, and there is likely to be a long association between OCS and SWS in the coming years to assist the shipyard become one of the most effective and economic players in the rig building business," said Offshore Commissioning Solutions Managing Director Mark Tranfield.

Tranfield praised the shipyard management for their enthusiastic approach to the task and is sure that the shipyard is on the "righ path to success to become a major rig builder in the future,"adding that the staff is eager to learn and that the shipyard facilities in excellent condition.

"OCS looks forward to this new association with the Chinese shipyard," Tranfield concluded.

By combining emerging technologies and best practices in engineering, OCS specializes in major construction and commissioning projects for the petroleum industry, focusing on rigs, FPSOs, platforms and refineries.