Maurel & Prom Reports on Gabon Drilling, to Spud Tanzanian Well in August

Maurel & Prom has provided an operational update on its ongoing exploration program in Gabon and Tanzania.


Drilled about 9 km south of the ONAL production centre, the OMOC-1 exploration well was stopped at a depth of 1,020 m in the base after reaching its objectives in the Kissenda Sandstone (producers at OMKO) and the Base Sandstone (producers at ONAL).

The impregnated heights are respectively 40 m in the Kissenda Sandstone and 14 m in the Base Sandstone.

The first test, conducted at an 11 m interval in the Base Sandstone, produced a flow of 1,000 barrels per day (bpd) of anhydrous oil on a 1/2" bean.

The second test, conducted at a 6 m interval in the lower stratum of the Kissenda formation yielded no results.

The third test, conducted at a 24 m interval in the upper part of the Kissenda formation, produced a pumped discharge of 130 bpd of anhydrous oil, suggesting reservoir depletion during the drilling.

The quality of the discovered oil is intermediate between that of ONAL and OMKO.

Subsequent to these results, studies were undertaken to evaluate this discovery and devise a long-term test on the well.


This well, drilled 2.5 km west of the OMKO-101 well, is intended to explore an independent structure in the OMKO field. The well has reached the Kissenda Sandstone and Base Sandstone. Tests have only yielded formation water.

This well has nevertheless demonstrated the extension of the Kissenda Sandstone deposits and the good quality of the Base Sandstone.

The presence of indications of oil in the top of the reservoir lets hope for a potential on the upstream part of the structure.

This well will be used for water production or as a re-injection well for the OMKO field, the extent of which will be delineated by the OMKO-102 and OMKO-103 wells.

The Group will now direct its exploration efforts on the prospects of OMTI and OMSN, located at the north of the Omoueyi exploration permit.


Mafia Bigwa Rufiji permit (60% operator)

Drilling of the Mafia Deep ST-1 well was temporarily stopped at a depth of 5,519 m. From this level, a cork of cement of 360 m height was put and a liner 7 ' cemented.

These operations, necessary to security measures for the levels of gas discovered, will be followed by a ultimate drilling operation which will allow evaluation of the gas zone under the current cement. In the aftermath, a program permitting testing of the various levels of gas revealed by electric logs will take place throughout several weeks.

It will be possible to make an evaluation of the resources at the end of all these operations.

In addition, in August 2009, drilling will commence on a new exploration well in the Delta Rufiji. This new prospect, revealed by the seismic survey conducted in 2008 and interpreted in 2009, will be drilled at a depth of 2,000 m. The target of this prospect would possess the same potential as Mafia Deep ST-1.