Castrol Offshore Unveils New Initiative for Tough Offshore Operations

Castrol Offshore has launched a brand new initiative -- Castrol UltimaX -- that recognizes the critical value of performance during tough offshore operations.

The launch is in response to the general increase in operating complexities and higher costs facing the offshore industry today, and the importance of maintaining surface and subsea operations without loss or interruption.

The cost of intervention work through equipment failure can be prohibitive in the offshore environment and, in a worst-case scenario, result in a total production shut-down. Castrol UltimaX is an initiative created to enable critical equipment on surface installations and on the seabed to continue operating efficiently for longer periods with less need for maintenance.

Castrol UltimaX brings together Castrol Offshore's highest performing products and specialist industry know-how to deliver solutions that maximise reliability on all critical offshore equipment. The product suite covers a diverse range of applications from top drives and mud systems through to general greases.

Castrol's UltimaX delivers tangible benefits and cost savings through better performance and efficiency. In tests, Castrol Tribol 1100, a high-performance gear lubricant, significantly reduced power consumption in a top drive unit, reducing fuel consumption by 2.29 US gallon (8.65 litres) per hour, equating to annual savings of approximately US $40,000.

Castrol Tribol 1100 uses unique additive technology to provide contact surface improvement, less friction and less wear. Other tangible benefits include reduced noise, lower operating temperatures and a reduction in maintenance and subsequent overhaul cost, as well as health, safety and environmental improvements.

Castrol Offshore's Strategic Business Development Manager; Tony Globe believes that with the oil and gas industry working under ever more harsh operational and economic conditions as the search for hydrocarbons widens, performance and reliability have never been more important to operators.

"Oil and gas exploration and production are moving into new and more challenging locations; arctic temperatures, deeper water, extreme reservoir conditions and remoteness from established infrastructure all increase the cost of discovery and extraction. Reliability has never been more important -- especially during these times of heightened economic pressure."