Grenland Group Loads Out Massive Ormen Lange Subsea Station

Today the completed 1150 tonnes heavy Ormen Lange template was loaded out on a barge at Grenland Group's construction yard in Tonsberg.

The enormous 44 m x 33 m x 15 m subsea station will soon be towed out for installation at 850 meters depth in the southern part of the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea,120 km northwest of Kristiansund.

The Ormen Lange field, which came on stream in 2007, was initially developed by Hydro with two subsea well templates, with eight well slots each.

The subsea template from Grenland Group is a sub-contracted delivery to FMC's contract with Shell for Ormen Lange's subsea production systems. StatoilHydro is performing the installation of the template, on behalf of the operator Shell.

The field's well stream of gas, condensate and water is transported from the subsea templates through two 30-inch diameter multi-phase pipelines, up the steep slope of the Storegga slide to Shell's onshore processing facility at Aukra outside Molde.

Grenland Group is a world leading fabricator of subsea equipment to major subsea developments. Since 1996 we have delivered more than 200 manifold modules, integrated template systems, riser- and flow bases, and other subsea units.

Grenland Group is an experienced and powerful engineering, procurement and construction company aiming to strengthen the business of its clients. Grenland Group has activities in 13 locations in Norway with a total near 1200 employees. In addition, the company has engineering subsidiaries in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Grenland Group had a turnover of approximately NOK 1.8 billion in 2008.