Parker Hannifin Releases BlackStorm Oil Production System

Angel Petroleum Technologies, LLC, announced BlackStorm Oil Production System (BPS) has been released to market under license to Parker Hannfin Corp. The BPS replaces rods, tubing, beam pump, polish rod, slab and eliminates treatments for tubing corrosion.

The BPS is a revolutionary corrosion-proof, one piece oil production system combining the durability of a purpose-built thermoplastic tubing system with the efficiency of an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP). The ESP power cable and a stainless steel wire rope are integrated into the tubing string allowing one man installation without a workover rig.

Labor cost for a typical equipment relocation drops by more than 95% with much lower Worker’s Compensation rates due to enhanced safety. Turnkey installation time from drive up to drive away is less than 20 minutes. The BPS is projected to pay for itself in less than 3 years on the basis of reduced maintenance, elimination of workover rig and no chemical treatments required for corrosion. Fluid moving costs are typically over 50% less than with a traditional beam pump.

BlackStorm is manufactured by the ParFlex Division of Parker Hannifin under license from Angel Petroleum Technologies, LLC.. Protected distribution areas for the BPS are available.