TTS Supplies Equipment to Bergen Group for Offshore Newbuildings

TTS Ships Equipment AS has secured its first major contract to supply equipment to Bergen Group-BMV for four of its latest projects -- building offshore vessels designed by Skipsteknisk AS, Alesund.

TTS has been a leading supplier of this type of equipment to the offshore shipyards in Norway for the last few years and this contract with Bergen Group-BMV is an important breakthrough.

With the first equipment delivery deadline having been set for June 1, 2009, just four months after the contract was signed, tight project management is key to the operation. TTS has therefore pooled resources from its project, design and procurement teams to produce the equipment on time.

The first of the ships to be built, in a contract between Bergen Group-BMV and independent integrated subsea service provider Aquanos, is a multipurpose diving ship and has been designed to operate offshore projects worldwide. As part of the newbuilding, TTS will deliver one side-hinged and outward opening remote operated vehicle (ROV) hangar door to be fitted on the side of the ship, and one side-hinged dive bell door to be fitted aft of the hangar. This will be the first TTS equipment delivery, set for 1 June 2009. The hull is scheduled for delivery by third quarter 2009.

The second delivery, also for Aquanos, is a multipurpose diving ship to which TTS will supply two ROV hangar doors. Delivery of the equipment is scheduled for mid September 2009 in order for the hull to be finished by fourth quarter 2009.

TTS is also to supply two horizontally sliding ROV side doors and one horizontally sliding hangar door by October 2009 for a custom-made diving and ROV operations ship. The ship has been scheduled for delivery to Norwegian offshore shipowner Solstad Offshore by third quarter 2010.

Equipment to be provided by TTS for the remaining hull, a ROV/offshore construction ship to be supplied to geoscience research and consulting company Fugro, comprises two ROV side doors for delivery by December 2009. The hull is scheduled for delivery in fourth quarter 2010.