Songa Offshore Transfers Registered Office to Cyprus

Songa Offshore SE was registered in the Cyprus Register of Companies, and the transfer of Songa Offshore SE's registered office
from Oslo, Norway, to Limassol, Cyprus is therefore effective from May 11, 2009.

With effect from the same date, the new Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, which were adopted on the Extraordinary General Meeting on February 17, 2009, entered into force.

As a consequence of the transfer, Songa Offshore SE is now subject to the laws of Cyprus, and Cyprus is the new home state of the Company with respect to periodical reporting obligations, disclosure obligations, take over bids etc.

The Songa Offshore SE shares will continue to be registered with the Norwegian Central Securities Depositary (Verdipapirsentralen - VPS) and remain listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

The nominal value of the Songa Offshore SE shares was converted from NOK to Euro with effect from 19 February 2009. The issued share capital of the company will therefore remain the same as before the transfer; Euro 11,583,829.84, divided into 105,307,544 shares each with a nominal value of Euro 0.11.

A new ISIN-number for the Songa Offshore SE shares will be published as soon as it has been allocated. Until the new ISIN-number is effective for trading on Oslo Stock Exchange, the Songa Offshore SE shares will be traded with the old ISIN (NO0010268451).

The new office address of Songa Offshore SE is 8, John Kennedy Street, IRIS House, Off. 740B, Limassol, Cyprus.