WellEz Launches Integrated Support Program for O&G Industry

WellEz Information Management announced an expanded support program for WellEz.NET, the Software-as-a-Service operations reporting system for the oil & gas industry. Branded as "WellEz On-Demand," the new help desk is a comprehensive program that integrates multiple support mechanisms for clients using WellEz.NET. WellEz On-Demand provides clients with a combination of support tools, including email reporting of inquiries, remote login by WellEz technicians, on-line chat and phone support. Using the remote login capability, WellEz technicians are able to see the client’s screen and address questions immediately.

"WellEz On-Demand has been designed to offer continuous enhancement of the client experience, while identifying additional sources of value available to clients through WellEz services," said Charles Jeffery, President and CEO. "The WellEz On-Demand program is both immediately responsive and engaging with our clients, leveraging the skills of WellEz technicians who are knowledgeable on oil & gas operations. Since using WellEz.NET does not require purchasing and maintaining software, our clients can invest their time in using the information on their field operations from the WellEz.NET reporting system. Being responsive and proactive increases efficiencies for our clients and that is our priority."

Through WellEz On-Demand, WellEz technicians are able to proactively provide support by diagnosing and addressing issues early, before they become critical. The service outreach program is also proving to be an excellent means for clients to better evaluate their field information. WellEz On-Demand is expected to provide clients even greater operational reliability from the use of the WellEz.NET reporting system, while logging and tracking support request. Part of the service outreach elements of WellEz On-Demand, the program also includes monthly reports that itemize inquiries and resolutions.