Twin Platform Installed on Valhall

The Valhall Flank North topside was lifted on to the jacket last week. Heerema, under supervision by BP representatives carried out the lift safely and professionally from the heavy lifting vessel Thialf.

The subsequent welding and other work on deck were performed according to schedule. The entire operation was completed in less than 48 hours and Thialf left the field early Sunday July 20th heading to its next client, this time in the Danish sector.

After Thialf´s departure, the platform will remain unmanned until the West Epsilon is moved from Valhall Flank South to the North location late July or early August. First oil is planned during the first quarter of 2004. The North platform is blue print copy of the twin platform in the South and this has contributed to a smooth and effective delivery.

Valhall Flank Development (VFD) consists of two unmanned wellhead platforms each equipped with 16 drilling slots and located about 6 km (one to the North and one to the South) from the existing Valhall Facilities where wellstreams will be processed.

Initially about eight wells will be drilled from each platform, one waste injector and seven producers. There is room for future water injection at either wellhead platform. The two wellhead platforms are to be powered from Valhall and monitored from the existing Valhall facilities via a fiber optic cable.

Pipe-laying for North and South WHP's will be performed as one continual operation during peak weather window in 2002. Heerema Tønsberg AS is principle contractor for WHPs however jackets are sub-contracted to Heerema in Vlissingen in the Netherlands. Pipeline material will be of 13 percent super chrome and shall be a Company Provided Item via BP’s global agreement with Sumitomo in Japan. Pipelines have been welded together by the pipeline contractor Coflexip Stena Offshore Norge AS at their fabrication site in Orkanger, Norway before being reeled onto a vessel for offshore installation. Tie-in modification work to Valhall production platform will be carried out by Aker Offshore Partner AS.

The initial eight wells will be drilled by West Epsilon in a timeframe that stretches from September 2002 throughout late October 2003.

Valhall is located in Block 2/8 and Block 2/11in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea.