PENGASSAN Issues 30-Day Ultimatum to Oil Companies

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has issued a 30-day ultimatum to the management of major oil companies to commence negotiations and implement the collective agreement entered into with the union. According to PENGASSAN, the oil companies have devised various means through which they delay the implementation of the agreements on the improved welfare and working conditions of members.

President of the union, Comrade Louis Ogbeifun, while delivering the union's communique issued at the end of the 3rd Biennial Synergy Workshop held in Benin City, said the union's action plan for those oil companies after the expiry of the 30-day ultimatum could be dangerous for them and the nation in general.

Ogbeifun said "the participants at the workshop observed with great concern the undue delay in the implementation of collective agreement. While others are yet to commence negotiations, others have unnecessarily dragged the negotiations.

"We therefore call on such organizations to immediately commence action within the next 30 days failing which they must be prepared to face the wrath of PANGASSAN." While refusing to name the oil companies involved, the president noted that issue of disrespect to agreement among oil companies has become worrisome but said "they must start negotiating and implementing the agreements." On the call for the privatization of the nation's refineries, the PENGASSAN president told newsmen that the level of corruption and insecurity in the bid makes the union call for the upgrading of existing refineries.

He said "the last TAM that was done was in 1992. And the normal rule is that it must be done every two years. If the federal government is sincere on the issue of releasing fund, they should have the guts to query it."