Schlumberger Information Solutions Certified by SSPA

Schlumberger announced that Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) has received the Service & Support Professionals Association's (SSPA's) Excellence in Service Operations certification. This prestigious certification applies to SIS global support operations.

SSPA, in partnership with J.D. Power and Associates, confirmed that SIS meets the requirements of the Certified Technology Service & Support program for the audit phase.

"Our dedication to quality to all our clients around the globe is one of the differentiating factors for SIS," said Nana Kontchou, vice president of services for SIS. "Achieving this level of certification is a symbol of our commitment to delivering the highest degree of customer satisfaction."

Several SIS global technical support centers underwent rigorous audits to achieve SSPA certification. The Excellence in Service Operations program, developed by the SSPA, uniquely quantifies and demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of technology support operations. The organization's commitment to drive operational efficiencies was examined and measured by comparing their technical support processes to the SSPA's industry best practices.

To provide customers with a superior level of service and support, SIS has implemented industry best practices using a new global support infrastructure and streamlined case and talent management processes. The infrastructure changes include multi-channel (phone - e-mail - Web) issue tracking system integrated with the customer database, self-support portal, and the Voice Activated Intelligent Routing Phone System coupled with a state-of-the-art metrics and KPI analyzer.

Stephen Smith, executive director of SSPA, said, "The Schlumberger Information Solutions achievement of the SSPA's Excellence in Service Operations certification is a real tribute to the focus and effort that the organization applied to the program.

Schlumberger Information Solutions support quality was evaluated based on compliance with over 120 criteria and standards outlined in the SSPA Certified Technology Service and Support audit document. The organization surpassed the requirement to meet 80 percent of the standards.

Schlumberger Information Solutions provides software, information management, and IT and related services to the global oil and gas industry to reduce exploration and development risk and optimize operational efficiencies.