Northern Petroleum Sets European Record at Nieuwendijk Well

Northern's wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Petroleum Nederland B.V. (NPN), has successfully used Casing While Drilling (CWD) technology for the first 780m (2,567 ft) section of the Nieuwendijk well.

CWD is an innovative technology used for simultaneously drilling and casing a well. The process enabled a safer and speedier operation to reach to target depth by eliminating conventional drill string tripping and associated risks. A Hughes Christensen drillable 12-1/4' EZCase bit was used. This is the longest CWD run with this system in the Eastern Hemisphere.

NPN has utilized casing drilling technology on the automated drilling rig (LOC 400). The LOC 400 was fabricated by Huisman and is operated by Northern Dutch Drilling Company (NDDC).

The Hughes Christensen EZCase bit drilled the 780m from surface in 71 hours with a Rate of Penetration (ROP) of 11 m/hr (36 ft/hr) using controlled drilling. The casing was successfully cemented through the bit with no difficulty. The EZCase bit was then drilled-out through its center in 1.5 hours using a specially designed 8-1/2' Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) bit. This bit has enabled both drill-out of the casing bit and continuous drilling ahead for the intermediate section of the hole.

The well is currently conventionally drilling ahead towards its reservoir objective.