Artificial Lift Co, ConocoPhillips Install World's First Rigless ESP System

Artificial Lift Company (ALC) of UK is pleased to announce that a 3.8" Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) system was successfully redeployed in a ConocoPhillips well, using an ALC downhole wet connect design. The ALC system is able to be deployed inside a 4.5" tubing by wireline and can produce power up to 400HP using industry conventional drives.

ALC and ConocoPhillips have spent five years developing and testing this ground breaking system which could radically change the costs incurred in deploying ESPs and open up many more worldwide opportunities for the their use.

The system has been designed by a team under the supervision of ALC Technical Director Phil Head with the support and guidance of ESP expert John Patterson of ConocoPhillips. The deployment in Odessa has been jointly managed by ConocoPhillips and the ALC team under Operations Manager Peter Moulsdale.