3M Spotlights Scotchkote Corrosion Protection Products for O&G Pipelines

3M has introduced new Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) technology 3M™ Scotchkote Coating 626-120 and Scotchkote Coating 626-140. The new products offer solutions to address new challenges and needs for high-temperature pipeline coatings in the oil and gas industry. These Scotchkote coatings protect oil and gas pipelines against corrosion while they operate at high temperatures. Scotchkote coating 626-120 can operate up to 115 degrees Celsius as a stand alone and up to 130 degrees Celsius when used in a three-layer system. Scotchkote coating 626-140 can withstand temperatures up to 135 degrees Celsius as a stand alone and up to 150 degrees Celsius as part of a three-layer system.

Both Scotchkote coating120 and 140 products are a one-part, heat curable thermosetting epoxy powder designed as a stand alone or as the corrosion coating for a dual layer FBE and multilayer polyolefin system for the corrosion protection of pipe. These new FBE coatings have excellent thermal properties that protect natural gas and crude oil pipes against corrosion. 3M high-performance coatings offer a more reliable pipeline system, overcoming the challenges that energy companies face when hot pipelines cause coatings degradation leaving pipes vulnerable to corrosion.

According to 3M's marketing manager Henry Hernandez, Corrosion Protection Products, pipelines are operating at higher temperatures than ever due to deep downhole oil and gas production. "This creates a problem of corrosion of pipes that requires advanced materials and technologies. 3M's Scotchkote coatings are designed to withstand the heat and provide an innovative solution that offers reliable high-operating temperature coating systems for the oil and gas industry," Hernandez states.

3M Scotchkote coating 626-120 and Scotchkote coating 626-140 are currently available. These Scotchkote corrosion protection products are the newest addition to the entire line of 3M Scotchkote products. The company's expertise with pipe protection dates to the 1960s when 3M first introduced its Scotchkote powdered epoxy resin to protect pipelines, creating a new solution to meet the protection needs of the industry.