Mustang Receives Certification for Quality Management System

Mustang announced the award of ISO 9001:2008 certification to its Upstream Business Unit for its quality management system.

Approximately 900 Mustangers are assigned to Upstream projects throughout the organization. Certification was awarded following a rigorous audit by ABS Quality Evaluations, the certification auditing agency. ISO certification is an integral part of Mustang's overall excellence in execution initiative and requires participation and accountability throughout the organization for providing quality services. The ISO certification serves to validate the work processes that Mustang employs and ensures repeatable results, provides a robust method for continuous improvement and ensures the right customer focus.

ISO 9001 certification was developed and is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. It outlines standards that cover all key processes and systems in a company, ensuring the maintenance of procedures necessary to produce quality products and services.

"Mustang is a learning organization committed to continuous improvement. This is a significant commitment to our clients, vendors and employees that Mustang will continue to exceed their expectations of quality with regards to project execution worldwide," said Steve Knowles, Mustang president.