Dockwise Delivers Petrobras 40

Last week the heavy transport shipping specialist DOCKWISE delivered the 41,106-ton semi-submersible production unit Petrobras 40 from Singapore to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After a conversion at Petrobras 40 the Jurong Shipyard in Singapore the Petrobras 40 (formerly DB-100 semi-submersible crane vessel) was loaded on board of Dockwise's largest heavy transport vessel Mighty Servant 1, which is the only vessel in the world capable of loading and carrying this kind of heavy units.

The hull of the P40 measures 123.75 meter in length and 83.82 meter in width. As the P40 was stowed transversely on deck of the Mighty Servant 1, the total width –including flareboom- of the transport measured 181.43 meters.

The P40 was positioned off center on deck of the vessel, which resulted in an overhang on portside of 45.99 meter and starboard 85.44 meter (incl. flareboom).

In order to load the semi-submersible production unit P40 the Mighty Servant 1 had to submerge to 25 meter aft (12 meter hull plus 13 meter water above the deck).

After a 43-day voyage, with an average speed of 10 knots from Singapore, the P40 unit was safely discharged at Guanabara bay in Rio de Janeiro, next to Santos Dumont airport on January 14.

The photograph shows the Mighty Servant 1 leaving Singapore carrying the Petrobras 40.

Dockwise N.V. operates a fleet of 13 heavy transport vessels.