Enigma Data Solutions' New Software Accelerates E&P Asset Backup

Enigma Data Solutions has developed an extension to its highly successful PARS (Project Archive and Retrieval System) suite that
automates the backup of diverse application data from geotechnical, reservoir characterization and office applications. Using PARS Backup data managers can now confidently and efficiently restore multi-disciplinary E&P projects in the event of data loss, system
failure or natural disasters.

Enigma Data Solutions has a detailed understanding of E&P applications based on more than 20 years' experience of delivering data management solutions for the world's oil companies. By applying this knowledge in PARS, Enigma's software is able to identify and capture the important project data and metadata from mainstream E&P applications such as LandMark, Schlumberger and Paradigm(tm), and numerous tools used for reservoir characterization.

This sophisticated application integration is combined with specially developed features in PARS Backup to automate the backup of complex oil exploration projects, whilst preserving all of the structured database information, unstructured data files and intra-project references required for a reliable and consistent backup.

With Enigma software, Oil & Gas companies can now manage complete E&P asset backup for both local and remote processing centers from a single server. Each application backup job is configured using a step-by-step wizard tailored to the application, so that all of the required data and decision information for each project is preserved. Once each application's backup is configured, the process is fully automated from this central administration point.

PARS Backup saves data managers' valuable time by automatically creating a powerful search index from application metadata that is used to quickly and accurately locate the correct project from a backup set. It is no longer necessary to spend time searching through backup sets and retrieving tapes from local or long term storage.

Project data recovery is enhanced with built-in features to perform either a full recovery, or to roll back live projects to a previous
restore point in the event of data corruption or poor processing decisions. PARS stores all of the project data in a single "bundle",
maintaining a project's integrity so that restores are reliable and straightforward to execute.

Using the built-in search, data managers can quickly and accurately locate the correct project to restore, eliminating costly operational delays and allowing geoscientists to resume work on an asset within a fraction of traditional restore times.

PARS Backup is cross-platform and supports Solaris, Linux and Windows Operating systems. The PARS Backup destination can be either disk or a broad range of tape and virtual tape storage solutions.