Shell Awards Global Industries Decommissioning, Abandonment Project in GOM

Global Industries has been awarded a project by Shell Offshore Inc. for the decommissioning and abandonment of an 8-pile production platform located in Eugene Island 331 "A" in approximately 250 FSW in the Gulf of Mexico.

The vessels involved in this project have begun mobilization for an immediate commencement of the job.

For execution of the project, Global will be utilizing the DLB Hercules, a DP-2 equipped vessel with a crane capable of lifting 2,000 tons. The 485-foot Hercules accommodates 269 personnel, and will be carrying out decommissioning and abandonment activities, which includes six major lifts ranging from 400 to 1800 tons. Global will also be using cutting tools developed by Norse Cutting & Abandonment (NCA), Global's partner in the rapidly growing P&A / Decommissioning field. NCA has developed patented cutting technologies which will make the Shell job safer, more cost-effective, and be completed in a shorter amount of time.