Halliburton Wins Three Engineering Achievement Awards

Halliburton announced today that it has won three Hart's E&P meritorious engineering achievement awards. Dr. William Pike, Hart's editor-in-chief, presented the awards today at a Halliburton facility in Houston.

"It is an honor for our technology to be recognized as the best," said Jim Brown, president of Halliburton's Western Hemisphere. "Innovative technology represents Halliburton's commitment to providing customers with the best possible solutions to the challenges they face."

The three winning Halliburton technologies and the categories in which they won are: the Acid-on-the-Fly blending system for stimulation; Delta Stim® completion service for completions; and Pore Pressure and Geomechanics Solution for intelligent systems and components.

The acid-on-the-fly (AOF) blending system was developed to provide real-time blending capability to help optimize acid treatments and improve safety and environmental performance. The new blending system provides significant improvements in several aspects of the acidizing process. It enables real-time, on-the-fly adjustments resulting in a precisely controlled acid blend downhole. In addition, the AOF blending system eliminates disposal issues since acid is blended only as it is used, and unused acid components can be recycled for another treatment. The system reduces the treatment site footprint by eliminating the need for large tanks to contain preblended acid. Also, the acid-blend sampling system has been engineered to limit the exposure to the operator and to the environment.

Delta Stim® completion service enables stimulation of an unlimited number of producing zones in either horizontal or vertical wells without the use of retrievable or drillable bridge plugs to isolate zones with a hydraulic shifting tool. With conventional methods of running plugs and perforating for completion, the most zones that can be stimulated in a 24-hour period is three to four zones.

Delta Stim completion service enables the completion of as many as 11 zones in a 24-hour period. In addition, it enables economical access to zones that might otherwise be deemed marginally commercial and consequently bypassed with a conventional completion. The service allows operators to bring wells online earlier, resulting in earlier receipt of revenue and expansion of the world’s total producible reserves.

Landmark's Pore Pressure and Geomechanics solution is an integrated application and database system designed to help operators improve efficiency in their drilling and well planning process through its ability to analyze and model pore pressure and geomechanical properties at the well or at basin scale. Pore pressure and wellbore stability related problems, such as stuck pipe and lost circulation cost the industry in excess of $8 billion per year and can impact both personnel safety and the environment.

This system helps operators to manage pore pressure related problems across the well planning and drilling life cycle. Major strengths of the system include integration with Landmark's tubular design applications and the ability to monitor wells in real time for drilling optimization.

The Hart's Meritorious Award for Engineering Achievement, established in 1971, honors the world's best new tools and techniques for finding, drilling and producing oil and gas wells. The receipt of a meritorious engineering achievement award marks a company as a technology leader in the upstream oil and gas industry. Entries are judged by a panel of globally recognized industry experts on their innovation of concept or design; their ability to solve a real, practical oilfield problem; and their potential for improving profitability, safety or efficiency.