Statoil Spuds Gråspett Prospect

A wildcat has been spudded on Statoil's Gråspett oil prospect in the Norwegian Sea, and should take about a month to complete.

The well is being drilled from Stena Don on behalf of the partners in production license 128. Gråspett lies in block 6608/10 close to Statoil's Norne field.

The group has previously found oil in the nearby Staer, Falk, Lerke and Svale structures, but none of these is large enough to support a stand-alone development.

"We're considering various solutions for phasing the finds into the Norne production ship," explains Knut Chr Grindstad, vice president for exploration in Halten/Nordland. "One option is to link them in a cluster with a shared tie-in to the vessel. We have hopes for the Gråspett wildcat, where a discovery would strengthen the prospects for such a solution."

Preliminary plans call for well 6608/10-10 to be drilled to a total depth of 2,800 meters. In addition to Statoil with 40.455 percent, the partners in PL 128 are Norsk Hydro with 13.500 percent, Norsk Agip 11.500 percent, Shell/Enterprise 10 percent and Petoro 24.545 percent.