Freudenberg Launches Oil Services Co

To strengthen its global market presence within the sealing business of the oil and gas industry, Freudenberg has united its sealing activities into a new global sales and service company, named OACIS.

The Freudenberg Group has been intensifying business activities within the oil and gas industry for several years. Through OACIS, the Group will continue to strategically develop and foster its growth in this target market.

"We are committed to becoming the market leader in sealing technology for the oil and gas industry over the next five years," said Claus Mohlenkamp, Speaker of the Management Board of OACIS shareholder Freudenberg Seals and Vibration Control Technology.

"Our comprehensive seal portfolio, our extensive range of services and our presence worldwide mean that we can serve the entire oil and gas industry value stream."

OACIS will focus its attention on the entire value stream -- from the drill bit to the filling pump -- which includes development and production (upstream) to transportation and storage (midstream) to processing and treatment at refineries (downstream).

OACIS brings together the product and service strengths of several companies with histories of providing superior sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry. Vestpak based in Sandnes, Norway; TBS based in Aberdeen, Scotland; Imperial Rubber based in Nisku, Alberta, Canada; Petroleum Elastomers and Tetralene based in Houston; and Simrit Oil & Gas based in Plymouth, Mich. provide the foundation for OACIS.