OMV Fires Up Gas Production from Tajjal Field in Pakistan

OMV Aktiengesellschaft has announced, along with its joint venture partners Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), ENI and Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL), the start of the extended well test of Tajjal-1 which discovered the Tajjal gas field located about 120 km south east of Sukkur in Southern Pakistan's province of Sindh. As part of the fast track development the gas is routed via a 20 km long pipeline to the Sawan gas plant which is operated by OMV Pakistan. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines LTD (SNGPL) as gas buyer will distribute this additional gas from Tajjal to Northern Pakistan.

The initial extended well test gas rate from Tajjal-1 is around 25 mn scf/d (4,000 boe/d) and the planned testing period will last for about three months. After the extended well test of Tajjal-1, OMV will decide with Partners on an appraisal well program and a field development plan will be submitted to the Government of Pakistan for approval. The execution of the field development plan will further increase Tajjal gas production from 2011 onwards.

The Tajjal gas reserves are the result of continuous successful exploration efforts of OMV together with its joint venture partners in Pakistan to enhance domestic gas production in Pakistan.

The joint venture of the Gambat exploration license consists of OMV (35% operator), ENI (30%), PPL (30%) and GHPL (5%).